Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in July 2014 with an undergraduate (B.Tech) Program. At present, the department also offers Ph. D programme. Dedicated faculty members with expertise in diverse domains of mechanical engineering such as Computer Aided Design, Ergonomics, Industrial Safety, Power Plant Structural Analysis, Natural Fibre Composites, Energy Engineering, Renewable Energy, Internal Combustion Engines, Thermal Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, which contributes to the department knowledge hub. Likewise, the non-teaching staff are sound in technical skills and help to strengthen the student’s theoretical understanding through lab practices.

Our curriculum ensures the courses with the blend of social context and environmental relevance of our country. Every faculty member focusses on teaching an intellectually stimulating and fun way of communicating fundamental principles and applications to increase student engagement. A conducive environment is maintained between the students and faculty members to build a strong foundation and widen the understanding of the curriculum. Students are motivated to approach the traditional courses with a range of pragmatic, creative and long-term benefits of learning which connects them with the rapidly growing technologies. Innovative mini projects and interactive group assignments are assigned to exploit their logical thinking, augmentation and in-depth understanding of the lecture material discussed at the classrooms along with team building capabilities.

Department puts a great effort to help women gain a sense that they belong to the Mechanical Engineering discipline. It also wants to see more women opting to pursue Mechanical Engineering. It facilitates active industrial projects for students such as IGCAR Kalppakam, Pondicherry Power Corporation Limited Karaikal, etc. With this, the students are made aware of current technologies, innovations and the necessity of industrial collaborations as well as addressing the real world problems. Our department also encourages our students to form a technical/arts/innovation club, develop entrepreneur skills, participate in sports meet, engage in cultural activities and other co-curricular activities to improve their professional skills and groom them as a well rounded off personalities to provide the required leadership skills in fulfilling Make In India manthra to compete with the fastest growing country with available resources. Our department emphasizing on active interdisciplinary research, initiate collaboration with foreign universities and drawing external sources of funding from various funding agencies such as DST-SERB, DST-Inspire Faculty Fellowship, DST-UKIERI with Loughbourgh University, London,UK.

To grow as a premier Indian Institute in the Mechanical Engineering discipline through teaching and active research.

The primary objectives of the Department of Mechanical Engineering are multifold:

# To enrich the knowledge of undergraduate students through high standard teaching with value based education.

# To ensure an intellectually vibrant and diverse future for the students in our discipline and gather them together to push the horizons of Mechanical Engineering

# To facilitate a platform to perform the cutting edge technology research in an emerging inter-disciplinary field in the vicinity of our discipline.