Funded Projects


Title of the Project  Intrusion Detection using Internet of Things (IoT)
Funding Agencies Department of Science, Technology, and Environment, (DSTE) Puducherry.
Principal Investigator Dr. Arun Raj Kumar P.
Co. Investigator Dr. B. Surendiran
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Computer Science and Engineering
Sanction Order & Grant G.O.Rt.No.29/Envt/2016 & Amount : Rs.26,000/- for 1 Year


Title of the Project FPGA Prototype for speech recognition and Emotion Recognition form the recognized speech on FPGA for discrete and continuous HMM
Funding Agencies SMDPC2SD Project DeitY, MCIT GOI
Principal Investigator Dr. G. Lakshmi Sutha
Co. Investigator Dr. Malaya Kumar Nath and Mr. Aniruddha Kanhe
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Electronics and Communications Engineering
Sanction Order & Grant 9(1)/2014-MDD/VOL(III), & Amount : 1.68 Crore Total for 5 years


Title of the Project Development of smart Grid controllers for Hybrid renewable distributed generator for a stand-alone and
Grid-connected operation addressing reliability and power quality issues
Funding Agencies Central Power Research Institute, Ministry of Power
Principal Investigator Dr. K. Chandrasekaran
Designation Assistant Professor and HoD
Department Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Sanction Order & Grant CPRI/R&D/RSOP/2015 & Amount : 35.15 Lakh


Title of the Project Experimental Investigations of Combined Thermoelectric Generator and Concentrating Photovoltatic Module Receiver with secondary refelectors in a solar parabolic dish concentrator system for electric power generation
Funding Agencies DST-SERB
Principal Investigator Dr.Sendhil Kumar Natarajan
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Mechanical Engineering
Sanction Order & Grant DST-SERB, Project No.: YSS/2014/000748 & Amount : 12,28,700/-

Title of the Project Methanol Fed High Energy Density Fuel Cell System with Novel Catalyst and Flow Field Design
Funding Agencies DST - UKIERI
Principal Investigator Prof. Rui Chen, University of Loughborough, UK (PI)
Dr. P. Karthikeyan, PSG Tech., Coimbatore (PI)
Co. Principal Investigator Dr. Ashley Fly, University of Loughborough, UK (Co-PI)
Dr. S. Neelakrishnan, PSG Tech., Coimbatore (Co-PI)
Dr. Thundil R Karuppa Raj, VIT University, Vellore (Co-PI)
Dr. Sendhil Kumar Natarajan, NIT Puducherry (Co-PI)
Dr. R. Anand, NIT Trichy (Co-PI)
Department Mechanical Engineering
Sanction Order & Grant Approved for Funding (Amount: Rs.1.2679 Crores)



Title of the Project   Development and Characterization of Nano composite Modified Electrodes
for Electro-analytical Applications
Funding Agencies DST – SERB (Young Scientist – Start-up-Research Grant)
Principal Investigator Dr.D.Ragupathy
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Chemistry
Sanction Order & Grant SB/FT/CS-117/2014 dt. 12.08.2015 & Amount: Rs.26,79,600/-