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Content Management for Teacher and Students

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From the students perspective
(a) Results
(b) Notification for Positions for Research Assistant/Project Assistant
(c) Notification for Admission
(d) Notification for Scholarship
(e) Notification for Student exchange programme
(f) Examination schedule
(g) Achievements by students
(h) Recognition, Honours and Awards to students

From the teachers perspective
(a) Notification for Recruitment of teachers
(b) Notification of Important Conferences / workshops/ seminars
(c) Achievement by Faculty Members/Teachers
(d) Recognition, Honours and Awards to teachers/ faculty members


Any other areas which is relevant to any stakeholders of MoE as deems fit.

Notifications, Results, etc., should be regularly forwarded to MoE. So, students and faculty members are requested to send the details to “” for uploading the content in MoE portal.