The implementation of selected best ideas is the foremost objective of the innovation club. The suggestions/ideas regarding numerous projects will be gathered from student(s), the best three of which (one from a department) will then be shortlisted. Student groups can then take up the desired projects and research on them in order to implement them successfully on an industrial scale. The innovation club also encourages individual students to suggest ideas for improvisation by creating an open source environment for all existing students of the institution. Individual students can also develop their own individual projects pertaining to the shortlisted ideas. The ultimate aim of the club is to allow students to exchange innovative ideas so as to create meaningful projects in order to develop viable industrial products.

Project submission details:

  • Projects can be of any domain but the project idea must be confined to our institute curriculum

  • Abstracts must contain the entire project idea, its use, how it is different from existing versions of similar projects and the modification that has been done.

  • Project must be submitted before 15 sept email to