Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The department has well equipped laboratories. The various departmental laboratories have been strengthened and modernized by procuring state of art equipments. The lab facilities and the infrastructure are regularly upgraded with respect to the upcoming new technologies. The major Laboratories are of the following:

Electrical Machines Lab

The electrical Machines Lab is well equipped various electrical machines namely DC machines, AC rotating machines, transformers and special machines. The lab provides good platform/forum to enable the students to acquire practical knowledge on the electrical machines.



Electronics Lab

The electronics lab is well equipped with equipments/components to carry out experiments by the students. The various labs conducted in electronics lab as per the curriculum are of the following,

           Circuits and Digital Lab
           Electron Devices Lab
           Integrated Circuits Lab
           Analog Electronics Lab





Power System Simulation Lab

The power system simulation lab provides good platform for the students to emulate and learn the practical aspects on power system especially load flow studies, fault analysis through various simulation softwares namely MALTLAB, POWER WORLD.

Power Electronics Lab

The power electronics lab provides the good forum for the students to learn the operation of various power electronics converter through simulation and experimental set up. The power electronics lab is also well equipped with DC and AC motor drive hardware set up. The set up can be used to understand the applications of power electronics in speed control of motor drives.




Control and Instrumentation Lab

The Control and Instrumentation Lab is well equipped with many trainer kits. The major trainer kits include Elvis kit, LVDT trainer kit, Strain Gauge Trainer Kit, Differential pressure transducer kit, thermocouple, thermistor and RTD hardware set up, PID controller trainer kit, DC Servo motor trainer kit. The lab makes the students to acquire good knowledge in COntrol and Instrumentation.



Research Lab

The research lab is well equipped with solar panels, wind turbines, power converters, FPGA controllers. It provides good platform to carry out research in applications of power electronics in renewable energy systems.